Estonian Association of the Deaf is pleased to invite you to a seminar hosted by Arkady Belozovsky on the 8th of September in Tallinn

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Estonian Association of the Deaf is pleased to invite deaf and social workers working with the deaf people, friends with families to participate in Arkady Belozovsky’s seminar „Empowerment: Self-Esteem Identity within the Deaf Community.” The seminar will take place on the 8th of September at EKNK, Toompea Congregation (Toompea 3, Tallinn) starting at 11.00 AM.

Arkady Belozovsky himself is deaf, portraying different roles: sign language interpreter, trainer, consultant, advisor, entrepreneur and a coach who has been working with the topics of deaf self-awareness and empowerment for more than 25 years. Arkady is a demanded coach among deaf community around the world.

The seminar will be conducted in International Sign Language. Slides are in English and Russian. The entire seminar will be translated to Estonian Sign Language.

Duration of the seminar is 8 hours, ending at 19.00. Coffee breaks are included.

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